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Research Methods for College and University Students   Daniel W Kasomo

Research Methods for College and University Students

440 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is produced for use by students in colleges and universities.The book starts with different methods of acquiring knowedge,problem conception,variables and hypothesis formulation,types of research,research designs,sampling,data collection procedures,reliability and validity of research tools,data processing,interpretation of results and reporting writing.There is also sample proposal,abstract, and questionnaires.It can serve as a guide for those in their first and second degree.Lecturers teaching research methods can use it as a textbook.It is simple and easy to follow.Each chapter can be transalated into three credit hours for a core course. The exercises and activities will test the reader as he reads on.Each chapter is short clear precise and to the point and it is long enough and detailed to cover the essentials and long enough to arouse the curiousity.It is highly recommended for a semesters course work in a university.The book is based on expereince of the author in...
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