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Hearing aid and music processing   Kishan Mohan Madikeri

Hearing aid and music processing

60 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Music is an important part of once life used for recreation, relaxation, and profession in once life. Music is heard is every days life from morning till we go to bed. Hence, it has become part of life in this world. Good hearing is required for better listening and appreation of the music, however the hearing is lost either on natural process or due to some acquiredconditions such as ear infections. hearing loss i.e the loss of hearing sensation which not only makes individual difficulty in listen but will avoide individual not to appriciate music. Hearing aids areone of the devic which is widely used for the rehabilitation of hearing impaired individuals where it amplifies the sound and makes inaudiable to audiable.Hearing aids are developed in wide variety of technology to makes hearing impaired a better listeners. Hence challange arise whether these hearing aids will make hearing impaired ears to enjoy the music and lead the life by enjoying music at various situation and...
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