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Physical Disability and Its Impacts   Emily Chepngetich Sitienei

Physical Disability and Its Impacts

88 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The physically challeged children are still being marginalized in the society. This is evidently seen when parents still insist on taking them to special schools or some leave them at home with no access to education. The overall problem emanates from lack of understanding on how integration of physically handicapped children in regular primary school can boost their self-concept and their academic performance. The parents of these children are still nursing the trauma of disability and this makes them to prefer special schools or rehabilitation centre adjacent to integrated formal schools. Consequently, these children end up creating poor self-concept because of isolation, which can easily be avoided if they are given a chance to learn in integrated schools. Based on the above observations, I felt the urge to write this book in order to highlight some few facts on physical disability and its impacts among the primary physically handicapped children in public primary schools in...
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