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Forgiveness   Sharon Platt-McDonald


52 страниц. 2013 год.
Blessed Hope Publishing
Have you been wounded by the hurts others have inflicted on you? Have you struggled with the regret of causing pain to someone else? Then this book is for you. The author believes that forgiveness could be the prescription that you need to bring resolution, restoration and healing. The evidence: Meet Anne who through the loss of family members by enemy hands, turned her pain into productivity. Join Phil and Julia as they share their story of reconciliation. Read the deeply moving account of Alice and Emmanuel as they retell the trauma as victim and perpetrator in the Rwanda genocide. Be amazed at the incredible story of Michael (a Jew) and Larry a former Ku Kluz Klan member and what brought them together. The verdict: “This is the most practical and enlightening book I have come across on the subject of forgiveness. Packed with powerful human stories, reflective exercises, enlightening quotes and scientific evidence on the detrimental impact of un-forgiveness, it stands to...
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