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Revisiting Masculine Identity   Joseph Barron

Revisiting Masculine Identity

68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A large body of research has examined masculinity and identity over the past 80 years. As the understanding of these concepts evolved in the scientific literature, scholars have been cautious to separate what is meant when defining both terms. Years ago, “masculine identity” was assumed to be a stable and universal set of characteristics. However, drawing on multidisciplinary research, recent theorists have been astute to reject the notion of a “masculine identity” due to its lack of scientific support and problems with prejudicial overtones. Instead, modern researchers have gravitated toward the Social Constructionism model, holding that what it means to be a “man” depends on who, where, and when you ask. As such, the studies of identity and masculinity have been divorced to some degree and progressed on separate empirical tracks. In the current study, key concepts from the current masculinity literature were explored along side new developments in the field of identity. Results show...
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