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116 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This dissertation examines the integration of Psychosynthesis the Intensive Personal Journal into Wholeness psychology as dedicated to the development of hidden human potential. The core of this is to fulfill a basic need of the person to understand the natural unity of mind and nature--the unity that links a person''s biological nature and his spiritual aspirations (Dorff, Feb. 1978). Wholeness is a phenomenon which not only heals pathology but also provides the fulfillment of human potential (Gerard 1964). The underlying aim is to carry out it''s psychological work in the unconscious levels of the personality in such a way as to open the dominant possibility of the psyche and permit them to enlarge and unfold (Jantsch 1976) with the addition of the Intensive Personal Journal to Psychosynthesis. It is a framework of reference which includes the biological, spiritual, philosophical and ethical realms, and thus strives to be comprehensive and inclusive without being eclectic (G.C....
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