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Basic Concepts Of Statistics   Malik Aamir Atta

Basic Concepts Of Statistics

448 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book “Basic Concepts of Statistics” has been designed for the students of Statistics. This book will provide the basic and initial concepts of statistics. There is a self reading concept in this book. It will help not only in the subject of Statistics but also will be helpful in the subjects of Commerce, Economics, Mathematics, and Research. Basic Concept of Statistics is a refreshing addition to the existing books on the subject. The book has been presented in an interesting manner. Students will find it comprehensive and useful. In this book the author introduces fundamental concepts by using familiar concrete examples. Moves logically from one concept to the next, building a solid framework for interpreting statistical data. There are some possible questions at the end of each chapter, all those questions are solved and are according to the concept of theory given in the chapters. This book will provide a ground for the higher Statistics.
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