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Work and home boundaries of home-based work   Atiya Mahmood

Work and home boundaries of home-based work

556 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Analyzing the social, spatial and temporal context of home-based work, this study examines how women workers manage multiple roles and activities within the same space. Forty participants were selected from three neighborhoods: an economically depressed area with a predominantly African-American population, a mixed income neighborhood with an ethnically heterogeneous population and a middle income neighborhood with a predominantly white population. Data collection included qualitative interviews, semi-structured questionnaires and an observation auditof the work space. The findings reveal that home-based workers accommodate their primary paid work activity within their residences through boundary management practices that have spatial, temporal or behavioral manifestations. These practices exist along a continuum of integration and segmentation between work and home. Presence of client in the residence, expectations or requirements of clients, household composition and household...
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