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Floral Diversity Of Aligarh   Shazia Bi and M. B. Siddiqui

Floral Diversity Of Aligarh

676 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The district of Aligarh spreads from 27?88'N latitude to 78?08'E longitude at an elevation of 178m. The greatest width from west to east is about 116km and the maximum length from north to south is about 72km and forms part of the fertile Ganga-Yamuna ‘Doab’. The district spreads over 4023 square kilometers and this area varies slightly from year to year due to the changing courses of river Ganga and Yamuna. The level of surface is interrupted by the several depressions, Jhils, canals, nadi (river) and some drainage lines. Aligarh district experiences tropical monsoon climate characterized by two extreme conditions of severe cold in winter and oppressive heat in summer with a rainy season in between. The area is much more interesting having rich vegetation wealth due to topographic and climatic specificity. After the work of Duthie (1903-1929) for Upper Gangetic Plain in general, Panigrahi made an attempt to explore the area, however, complete and comprehensive flora did not come into...
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