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Iqbal`s Theory of Personality: A Contrastive Analysis With Freud   Mohd Abbas Abdul Razak

Iqbal`s Theory of Personality: A Contrastive Analysis With Freud

416 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Man being a universe on the micro-level, has been constantly researched upon from the ancient to the modern times using philosophical and scientific approaches. This study explores the developments that have taken place in the areas of human nature and personality in the West and the Islamic World. The crux of this research provides a contrastive analysis of the personality theories showcased to the world by Freud and Iqbal. The analysis of this study indicates that Freud’s views on man and personality are centered around his ideas on the human sexuality. As a result of that, he has provided a concept on man that is both pessimistic and deterministic in nature. To him, man is an intellectual beast who is doomed to fail as he is caught between the warring parties of his psychic components. In contrast, Iqbal has promoted many positive ideas about man and the latent powers of the human psyche. His theory of personality is not only dynamic in nature but also inspires man to sink into his...
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