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JUDGEMAP: Context-Sensitive Cognitive Model of Judgment on a Scale   Georgi Petkov

JUDGEMAP: Context-Sensitive Cognitive Model of Judgment on a Scale

200 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The experimental findings on systematic shifts of people judgments are often controversial – seemingly similar experiments can lead to opposite effects depending on the stimuli or the procedure. JUDGEMAP presents a dynamic and context-sensitive model of judgment using the same basic mechanisms of the cognitive architecture DUAL that have been used for modeling analogy-making. An underlying assumption behind the JUDGEMAP model is that judgment is based on a process of mapping between a set of stimuli and the set of possible scale values. In this way, judgment is considered to be a close relative to analogy-making. This mapping is trying to keep the relational structure of the two domains in correspondence, i.e. better stimuli – higher ratings. Another important assumption is that the set of stimuli used as background when evaluating a single stimulus is dynamically constructed. The target stimulus is included in this set and all its elements are mapped on the scale competing for...
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