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Video & Computer Games and Behavioral Problems   Hedyeh Nasser Ranjbar and Megha M. Uplane

Video & Computer Games and Behavioral Problems

304 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
World continues to face stern challenges due to swiftly technology changes and consequences of that. Besides growing of information technology some new pattern of activities in recent decades such as playing video and computer games widespread which effect of them on users especially young consumers become new psychologists, educators and parent’s source of concerns. In the years ahead, it’s clear that this entertainment media will have extra main role in the social and educational experiences of children and adolescents. By virtue of the popularity of video and computer games, eradicating them from leisure time seems impossible. Only by filling the gaps in our knowledge and conquering the ignorance, we will be able to ascertain how deal with the difficulties which we already confront and the ones we predict to face. This book is based on an investigation into level of abnormal behavior symptoms due to using video and computer games and The result especially should be useful to...
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