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Russia's Golden Ring   Y. Pokidov

Russia's Golden Ring

195x255 48 страниц. 1991 год.
Russia's golden ring is the name of a 700-kilometre bus itinerary beginning in Moscow and passing through the Old Russian towns of Zagorsk, perusal Vl-Zalessky, Rostov - the - great, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Vladimir and Suzdal. They are the pride and glory of Russian national culture. This booklet will introduce you to their age-old history and unique architectural and artistic treasures and to the quiet beauty of Russian scenery. Naturally, our narrative will be somewhat simplified. How can we paint, for instance, a full-colour picture of inimitable Russian hospitality on the pages of a small booklet? You would do well to travel to the USSR. Come and see with your own eyes the unique character of Moscow and the golden-domed churches and inimitable cloisters of the Old Russian towns, take a stroll down their streets and avenues or admire the skill of the Russian craftsmen... When you get the feel of the beauty and charm of these places, you will very likely fall in love with them....
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