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The Сolour of Сanada   Hugh Maclennan

The Сolour of Сanada

220x285 128 страниц. 1967 год.
McClelland & Stewart
The cameras have come to the end of a journey which began in Newfoundland and ended in Vancouver Island. They have tried to follow the long thread of settlement from coast to coast. They have omitted most of Canada; how could they possibly have included more than a minuscule suggestion of the enormous land? We live in a world so cursed by the inspirational messages of professional phrase-makers, commercial and political, that we have bred a young generation whose ears are sealed even to the truth if the truth is optimistic. We live in a world so stupefied and confused by scientific surveys, opinion polls, computerized predictions that most of us for the sake of our sanity make our separate peace-pacts with these insensate abstractions. In Canada we are still asking ourselves the question, "Who are we?" It would be better to look at what we are and what the nation has done in so short a time.
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