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Guidelines of Rural community organizing for extension works   Mengistu Abate

Guidelines of Rural community organizing for extension works

60 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Community organizing is a tool to put societies? hands together for solving various problems that affect people?s life at community household, local, national, continental, or global levels. That is why we often see members of a community organize themselves in different not only in different ways but also at different levels. However, in developing countries various kinds of community associations are not usually effective in heating their previously set goals and objectives. One reason among the many could be failure in applying appropriate community organizing activities in the process of community organizing. Hence, it calls great attention for experts in the field to prepare different training materials concerning community, community organizing, community mobilization, and community engagement based on the real situations of localities in order to enable the local inhabitants to solve their problems by themselves. This book deals with some of the critical benchmarks in...
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