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I wish that he hit me   Peter Streker

I wish that he hit me

456 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
“I said to him, ‘Come on. You know you want to hit me. Hit me!’ …I wanted him to do it. Then I would have been able to say to people, ‘See! This is how I have been living.’” “An emotional black eye – nobody sees it. You look in the mirror and you can’t see it either.” Psychological and emotional forms of abuse are incredibly prevalent and are often used before, during and after acts of physical and sexual abuse. While professionals acknowledge the extremely damaging consequences of many types of psychological and emotional abuse, they often find this slippery phenomenon very difficult to work with. I Wish That He Hit Me draws on two decades of practice and the real experiences of men and women who have perpetrated and been subjected to psychological and emotional abuse. It provides new insights and models for researchers and practitioners who work with psychological and emotional abuse in homes, workplaces and public places.
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