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Psychology of Leadership:Women and Anti-Liquor Movement in Uttarakhand   Kamala Dhaulakhandi Bhardwaj

Psychology of Leadership:Women and Anti-Liquor Movement in Uttarakhand

388 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Women have traditionally lived a marginalized existence. Women’s selves and life experiences are least known and discussed in the academic discourse because of the lack of research on this topic. The liquor abuse by men in villages of Uttarakhand, India has led to emergence of anti-liquor movement by Women. The book analyses aspects of Women's personality- motivation to lead or participate in the movement, resolution of role conflicts; and impact, success or failure of movement on their self-identity. The study utilized qualitative research design and women were interviewed extensively to know their subjective experiences. Although early socialization of leaders, participants, drop-outs and non-participants was equally discriminated, biased and restricted, but Women prioritized social and personal identities differently during movement. Movement brought immense changes in village women – they became confident, wiser and stronger. The subject is illustrated with Tables, Figures and...
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