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Bereavement and HIV/AIDS   Sherona Rawat

Bereavement and HIV/AIDS

172 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Sub-Saharan Africa is the hub of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, with South Africa not only an avid contributor to the epidemic in lieu of infection rates but a leader in researching the management and treatment of the virus. Bereavement is an interesting and pivotal aspect of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Unfortunately it is one that has been overlooked if not often neglected with regard to management and treatment of bereaved HIV positive individuals. People die on a daily basis from AIDS and with that comes the grieving and mourning of loved ones, family and friends. If every AIDS victim left behind four grieving individuals, with a population of 5,24 million infected people, we would have 20.96 million grieving individuals. That would be 41.93% of the South African population. In light of this, research on Bereavement and HIV/AIDS has been long overdue. Studies on Bereavement and HIV/AIDS would provide us with important information in not only designing relevant HIV interventions but also...
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