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Indigenous Bacterial strains from Karachi   Nadia Jamil

Indigenous Bacterial strains from Karachi

164 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Today as a result of extensive research, the study of microbial products are recognized as an integral component of natural products chemistry and as well as they are significant resource for environment friendly compounds. Eco-friendly compounds have multiple industrial applications. This work was carried out to characterize the bacteria from different environmental sources for the production of commercially important products. Various bacteria were isolated from different environmental sources such as soil, fresh water and marine, and also from CMG stock. Among twenty five strains, five bacterial strains, CMG645, CMG646, CMG648, DWi and Mi were selected and studied. All the strains showed multiple antibiotic resistances. The selected bacterial strains were studied for three commercially important properties i.e. extra cellular polysaccharide production, solubilization activity and antibacterial activity. The exo polysaccharide biopolymer was found to have water absorbing capacity....
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