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New Milti-Factor Personality Test and Anti-Stress Recommendations   Neli Feldman

New Milti-Factor Personality Test and Anti-Stress Recommendations

80 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The new psychological method offers two options: 1) self-testing for nature components – mostly genetically conditioned personality characteristics; 2) obtaining the recommendations on the basis of the test results. The recommendations list predisposition to stress-producing neurological and personality disorders, as well as notes on potential psychological problems and ways to resolve them. The method describes 12 nature components with three degrees of intensity each, which results in thousands of various combinations, or personality reflections. According to data, about 50% population is in need of this information, since every other person today has specific psychological traits highly sensitive to stress. The method is aimed at anti-stress prevention and adapting every person to reality while taking into the account his or her unique personality traits.
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