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Cross-over Effects In The Emotional Adjustment Of Children   Olusegun Afolabi

Cross-over Effects In The Emotional Adjustment Of Children

56 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Numerous studies have come up with an assumption that children raised in a conflict, dysfunctional and diverse family contexts show inconsistent forms of results that transverse various developmental domains and that different family factors such as parents response to child’s distress, family emotional environment, family income and inter-maternal effectiveness explained children’s emotional adjustment and socialization. This book critically explores and analyzes research evidence on the relative cross over effects of the interactions, i.e. couple relation, family instability and income on a child’s behavioral functioning. The book intends to increase our knowledge on family dynamic and addresses why marital quality is evenly conceived as a relationship contentment and functioning. The book should help shed some light on how family interactions are linked with child's undesirable behaviour and should be especially useful for professionals in social psychology and child mental...
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