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Family Preferences of Normal and Neglected Children   Gollapalli Bhadramani

Family Preferences of Normal and Neglected Children

152 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Family is the most important part of the child’s “social network”. The family members constitute the child’s first environment and they are the most significant people during the early, formative years. These foundations laid in the home at such a young age may change and modify b they are never completely eradicated. Instead they influence later attitudes and behavioural patterns. How much influence and what form this influence will take in the child’s development will depend upon two conditions, the kind of family exert similar influence on children. The emotional distance and relationship that exists between the child and the family members determine the level of influence that family members exert on the child. There is enough evidence to believe that the technique of family drawings can clearly project various aspects of the family dynamics. But this method so far has not been employed to find out the family preferences of neglected children, even though it was successfully used...
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