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Building a 'PSYCHIC' PALACE; Provoking Positive Perceptions   Gilbert Mwaniki

Building a 'PSYCHIC' PALACE; Provoking Positive Perceptions

288 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
To remove philosophical and psychological constructs from the 'Ivory Tower' of scholars and researchers, but without diluting them with waters of obsolete social valuations is my divine duty. To mediate between seemingly irreconcilable conflicting tendencies between various philosophical and psychological schools of thoughts is my 'existential' compulsion. To prevail upon my fellow Africans to synchronize themselves with the psychosocial imperatives of the fast evolving modern world, is my essential calling. As our unique African situation dictates,'Provoking Positive Perceptions' is the fundamental objective, chief impetus, overriding criterion and pragmatic orientation of this work. Its measure of importance shall precisely be the degree and the extent to which it is facilitative in helping our people to grasp much of the rich and meaningful elements of experience, inclusive of responses, interpretations, and the organization of the many facets of everyday affairs. To grease the...
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