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The Picasso's Cubism   Gabriel Baldovin

The Picasso's Cubism

180 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
What if art is made entirely by human spirit? What if the artist is not a passive transmitter of divine inspiration? Then why bother looking into the sky for understanding art? Why bother creating theories about the objectivity of art instead of looking inside the artist himself or herself? Why do not we pay attention to artist's life, with his or her fears, hopes and even... mental disorder symptoms? Why do not wee check his or her passions, loves, hates, sexual preferences, habits, superstitions an everything that makes that artist a human being? Well, that is what I have done in this book. I have got into Pablo Picasso's mind as deep as I could. And I have noticed that there is a very close connection between his art and his deep mind particularities. Well this cold be a turning point. Maybe we should stop thinking of art as a fashion but more as the way the artist want to speak about unspeakable that hides deep down his or her mind and also ours...
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