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Toronto   Rupert O. Matthews


245x275 110 страниц. 1991 год.
Coombe Books
Toronto has come a long way since it was captured and sacked by American troops in 1813, and its public buildings put to the torch. It was then a quiet little town of just 700 souls, sedately administering Upper Canada and getting on with the business of farming and trading. Today, it numbers nearly three million citizens and has a cosmopolitan atmosphere which few other cities can match. It was the large influx of people and the reorganisation of city government which came in the wake of World War II that turned Toronto from a quiet provincial capital into the major city it is today. The bright, adventurous spirit which characterises the city is captured by the thrusting CN Tower. Standing 553 metres tall on the lakeshore, the tower was built as a means of transmitting radio and television signals, but has since also become the symbol of the city. Other daring projects abound in this vibrant and exciting city. Ontario Place is a summer-long leisure centre...
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