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Soul Intelligence, Spiritual Development and Intuitive Ways of Knowing   Donna Golding

Soul Intelligence, Spiritual Development and Intuitive Ways of Knowing

184 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Interest in spirituality has grown internationally as indicated in spiritual, religious and health studies and the media. Now,transpersonal psycho- logical research shows that self-development that includes spirituality enhances wellbeing and is valuable for spiritual or soulful ways of knowing and communicating.Yet, while most people believe in spirituality and that we have a soul, many lack a felt sense of these and thus their sense of self is incomplete. Addressing these issues using trans- personal psychology, this book provides fascinating real-life examples of spiritual development with an emphasis on the discovery and phenomenology of subtle through to profound spiritual experiences and their relationship to different ways of knowing.It describes and explains spiritual experiences and development, their positive and negative impact/outcomes in relation to sense of self, reality & relationships. This book teaches you how to become aware of and use your soul...
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