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Breaking the silence   Dr. Cordelia Galgut

Breaking the silence

272 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This research explored 24 lesbian clients'' experiences of therapy. The broad aim of the research was to ascertain whether the services offered to this client group were satisfactory or not. A qualitative method of enquiry was used and a semi-structured interview format adopted. The participants were asked in depth questions about what they thought and felt about both the process of therapy and the practitioners they saw. Notable results included clients having experienced much greater than anticipted prejudice and pathologisation of them, as lesbians, from practitioners. Also, all the participants required their therapists to be open with them in key areas, e.g. regarding the therapists'' sexuality and their attitude towards them as lesbians. This book is relevant reading for all those working in the mental health profession, as well as the recipients of these services.
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