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"The Ultimate in Care" Harnessing experiences of death and dying   Bernadette Glab

"The Ultimate in Care" Harnessing experiences of death and dying

80 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It has always been a topic for debate as to how nursing students are taught to deal with death and dying and how they respond to particular methods of teaching. In my many years of experience in the nursing profession,I have come across some very difficult situations in dealing with death and dying,these have been both challenging and rewarding to me.I believe nursing students require both empathy and guidance from nurse educators' to deal with what could be already difficult situations within the hospital or community settings. This study looks at the lived experiences of clinical nurse educators who work with undergraduate nursing students in a hospital setting. It employs a phenomenological approach to focus on nurses' personal experiences of death and dying. In particular it examines how nurses perceive the experiences influence the way they instruct their students. The literature examined relevant to this study has previously identified many aspects;however this study has...
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