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Magic Casement of Self   Allah Bakhsh Malik

Magic Casement of Self

120 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Human self is very complex phenomenon which defines explicit and open in terms of hidden and open possibilities and properties. The present work of the author is an attempt is a sort of minds' eyes inward to look into mystical consciousness and to transcend the limits of self to the limits of self to the outside world as it is objectively stands. The areas of concept and awareness of self, Hermeneutics of Self Consciousness: looking into its deeper layer as well as the unity of human consciousness, the different dimensions of the reality of self, the subjective reality of self, the objective reality outside world and the higher consciousness of the cosmic reality. the perceptual selves of students of different cognitive abilities in social environment at home and in the school. The book provides information about self and its various dimensions. The book is very useful for readers of psychology, especially for readers who are interested to find out literature on self and its...
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