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Essential Skills of Pastoral Counselling   Daniel W Kasomo

Essential Skills of Pastoral Counselling

248 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this book we have tried to show that Counselling is an art and such like any art it requires certain specific techniques if it is to be effective. A counsellor does not indeed have to adhere to a particular counselling viewpoint in order to be adept at helping people. Nor skill can be adequately understood without some knowledge of the cultural and personal soil from which it springs. In counselling you need to be patient, be a good listener, attentive, evaluative, and non judgemental. Care must be taken to avoid the counselor being counselled by his client.The counselor to be effective must be a person of high moral integrity and respect.The book is an asset for University students, lecturers, social workers, sociologists, pastoral workers, medical students and practitioners, Dean of students, student Counsellors, Students taking public relations studies, all who are working with human resource management and counsellors in general.Counseling is therapeutic in contemporary...
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