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Living with osteoporosis   Jodie Moyle

Living with osteoporosis

292 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Osteoporosis is a serious, life-threatening disease associated with significant morbidity in both men and women. Research to date has focused mostly on the causes and treatments of osteoporosis. Less attention has been given to its impact on individuals and how their attitudes, feelings and beliefs may influence their treatment and self-management of the disease. This book takes a phenomenological approach to reveal the common barriers faced by patients in trying to keep up with their treatment regimens. It includes a comprehensive range of suggestions for future research, education, patient support and best practice in clinical settings. Recommendations for the future development of intervention programs aimed at improving long-term adherence to self-care regimens for the prevention and treatment of the disease are also provided. It will be especially useful to health professionals who are interested in developing more sensitive and effective health care for people with...
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