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Rituals in African Traditional Religion   Daniel W Kasomo

Rituals in African Traditional Religion

236 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is believed that once a witchcraft suspect is put through the ordeal it neutralizes their magical powers and completely deters them from using such destructive powers against other people. The administration of these heinous rituals have stirred controversies amongst the African community with passion unwitnessed before. Believers are divided as to whether Christians should take recourse to such archaic and uncivilized practices to resolve social differences, conflicts and tensions.Some say it is proper to use such methods to rid society of anti-social acts, while others disagree that no Christian should indulge in such devilish practices. However, some Christians are accused of indulging in such harmful practices like bewitching others. This book shows evidently that rituals are significant religiously, culturally, sociologically and psychologically. Rituals cannot simply be wished away. This book is simple, clear, precise and to the point. I recommend the book to all who would...
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