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The Therapeutic Encounter With Spiritual Symbols   Paula Michelle Fenn

The Therapeutic Encounter With Spiritual Symbols

100 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book conveys the process and outcomes of a transcendental, phenomenological, research study which generated a descriptive account of counselling and psychotherapy practitioners' meaningful lived experiences with spiritual symbols in their therapeutic work with clients. The study attempted to redress identified research gaps within the therapeutic field, and increase practitioner reflection and contemplation upon their own spirituality and their self-experience when engaging with their clients' utilisation of spiritually symbolic constructs. The study findings provide a rich narrative account of how the participants imaginatively engaged with their clients' symbols, developed affective and physiological responses to them and became aware of a deepened sense of presence or communion within the therapeutic relationship. Experiences were felt to be profound, transformational and mysterious, and most participants were unable to fully explain these client/practitioner 'intersect...
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