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Predictors of Intelligence   Shikha Dhall

Predictors of Intelligence

340 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is product of an extensive research done on self-confidence, attitude of parents (both mother and father) and academic achievement as predictors of intelligence. As a society becomes increasingly complex, owing to rapid scientific and technological progress, it needs high capacity manpower to sustain and maintain the pace of progress of the society. For reasons such as this, the concept of intelligence is becoming increasingly important in modern society. Intellectual growth of any child is a resultant of varied and complex factors. In this book the interplay of the independent variables are drawn, which are undertaken in various combinations, to identify characteristics of intellectual behaviour of adolescents. The findings may help the parents to modify their attitudes for developing intellectual competencies and academic achievement of their children because heredity factors can not be changed but the environment can be manipulated and modified. It surely is an...
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