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Occupational Role Stress and Psychological Strain   Kassim Kimo

Occupational Role Stress and Psychological Strain

212 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is well-documented that high levels of work-related stress which left unchecked and unmanaged would undermine the quality, productivity and creativity of employees’ work, in addition to their health, well-being, and morale. Besides, studies have also established that high levels of work-related stress result in substantial costs to organizations through health care expenses and lost productivity. Over the past two decades, studies from across the globe indicate that the phenomenon of work-related stress has been increasing in higher education too. Available studies reveal that academics involved in both teaching and research have been experiencing very high levels of occupational stress. However, no studies have been found that examined the extents to which academic officers ,who have taking office responsibilities in addition to teaching and research activities, of higher education institutions are confronted with role problems, which in turn induce psychological strain. Hence,...
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