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And There Was No One There to Comfort Me   Gregory Popcak

And There Was No One There to Comfort Me

112 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
What is the experience of Catholics seeking mental health treatment? Are Catholics well-served by the Christian and secular counseling options offered by their Church or local community? What competencies do Catholics look for when seeking professional counseling? And finally, how does the experience of Catholics seeking mental health counseling compare to that of Protestants. This provocative study suggests that religiously committed Catholics (over 20 million potential consumers of mental health services in the US) feel that they have no place to turn for help in their time of need. As compared to Protestants, who are generally satisfied with the options provided by their Churches and community, Catholics are not happy with generic Christian counseling services, and often experience hostile reactions from secular counselors. Further, Catholics desire a host of counselor competencies that are distinct from their Protestant counterparts. These differences are ...
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