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Gender, Age Differences in College Students Degree of Depression   Fakhri Mesri,Samad Ramzi and Jalil Hajilo

Gender, Age Differences in College Students Degree of Depression

128 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Depression is a disorder which reveals a great impact on the general health of individuals as well as students'.It affects the young, the old and the adult working population, impacting on quality of life,economic activity, learning,social and cultural life and people’s ability to participate in their communities and to be included in everyday life.College students with depression often run into more difficulties than the typical students.This study aimed to assess the emergence of age and gender differences in depression.50 students(25 male, 25 female)(in the 17-24 age group)from Salmas Payame Noor University have been studied.Beck Depression Inventory Questionnaire has been collecting and analyzing. Data analysis has been done with Statistical Package for Social Sciences(SPSS)software.T test&Pearson Correlation were used to analyze the collected data.The result of this study showed that female more than male students are depressed.In other words,among students female student ssuffer...
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