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Relations Among Exercise Paterns, Life Satisfaction and PTSD Symptoms   Rachael Schindler

Relations Among Exercise Paterns, Life Satisfaction and PTSD Symptoms

88 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study examined the relationship between physical activity, or exercise, life satisfaction, and trauma in a sample of 75 adult individuals who voluntarily participated in the study. It was expected that, compared to the others in the sample, those individuals that exercised consistently, and had experienced trauma in their lives, specifically abuse as children, would have greater life satisfaction and fewer negative symptoms stemming from the trauma. Participants completed an online survey questionnaire that consisted of multiple instruments that assessed for degree of life satisfaction, amount and duration of exercise, and occurrence of child abuse or other trauma. In addition, participants provided information regarding past or and/or current drug and alcohol use, as well as various other demographic factors. Results indicated that consistent vigorous exercise is indeed related to greater life satisfaction and to fewer symptoms of PTSD. Discussion focused on the role that...
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