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Social Support and Daily Hassles of Male Medical Officers   Srabani De Majumder and Indrani Mukherjee

Social Support and Daily Hassles of Male Medical Officers

56 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Reaseacher has attampted to relate Daily stressful expercience (Daily Hassles) and Social Support.Equipped with the above trend of thought the reseacher proceed to from an outline plan of the study. Daily Hassles faced by Male Medical Officers is very common but unnoticed problem by the inhabitants of Kolkata.As modern world is said to be the world of stress.The Medical doctor experienced daily hassles too much and it is evident from newspaper report that often they fell to render neccesary medical assistance to the ailing and distressed person in absence of proper infrastructure even medicine and equipment. Thus the doctor experienced specific hassles.Accumulation of small irritants are also important source of stress.Reseachers are now playing more attention to role of minor stressful events (Daily Hassles) and their cumulative impact on physic and psyche of human being.Thus Social Support has beneficial effects in overcoming Daily Hassles.Male Medical officers in state run...
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