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Guardians of the Gate   Yana Womack

Guardians of the Gate

192 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Experiences of the numinous ''visions of the divine'' in dreams offer glimpses into a vast well of teachings available to us beyond the boundaries of our waking consciousness. In this investigation, numena are understood as harbingers that awaken deep ways of knowing and perceiving; they enliven and inspire appreciation for the sublime wonders and textures of life. This work represents one woman’s account of her dreams drawn from over ten years of journal entries. The numena for discussion include: the “Spirit of Sound,” the “Mother,” and the “Skywoman.” These mythologems are examined through the portals of Clarity dreams, Personal Mythology dreams and Initiation dreams. The author’s objective is not to present an interpretation of the dreams but to examine the mytho- religious symbolic content and mystical qualities of the dream experience in order to understand them as guiding forces for furthering spiritual development and human potential. This book is a rare account...
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