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Handedness and Gender Differences   Ajita Rani and Ravinder Singh

Handedness and Gender Differences

116 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Can we assume the Gender differences are disappearing in the changing-ecological and political climate? We can not say that they are entirely disappearing but becoming less gradually. On other hand we may further say that our in our study we have tried to use some tests which might not be sensitive to pick up Sex or Handedness difference. It might be that spatiality ability and its relation with Sex and Handedness is task dependent. In order to find precise relationship we need further more controlled experiment and also need various other tasks of spatial and non-spatial ability. Moreover, we may revise or modified the methodologies according to changing environment, subjects, age specific, degree of urbanization etc. Because, these all factors influence these differences and we may laid more stress on one’s ethic, cultural values, social structures etc. The gender differences are partly controlled by biological processes and partly socio-cultural processes which are interwoven in...
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