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E-Loyalty   Md. Towhidur Rahman


76 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The rapid development of Internet technology has opened various ways of doing business on the web. So, E-business has enabled the new opportunity of doing business. Author has observed the great success of E-Commerce in the UK. E-business at his country (Bangladesh) introduced about 8 years back, when the Internet facilities and other resources for E-business became accessible and day-by-day it’s getting more attainable but the success of E-business is not satisfactory. So Author tried to look into the depth of E-business. Author determined that e-Loyalty is similar with Loyalty but has more influence in e-business. In this study, Author has covered the first part to describe the importance of Loyalty in e-business and determinates of e-loyalty. The discussion was based on e-loyalty framework for clear understanding of e-loyalty drivers. The process of building loyalty in online, has also been discussed. In second part, the definition of factors that involves with e-loyalty and their...
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