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The Key to Successful Marriage   Evans Kagbetor

The Key to Successful Marriage

172 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study examined the experience of married Christian men and women and sought to gain a richly detailed and deeper understanding of how their premarital counselling has influenced on their marriages. Current quantitative literature on this survey study is scarce and the intent was to create a personal and useful understanding of Christian marital life. The findings indicate that those who go through premarital counselling are likely to have sustained Christian marriages than those who do not go through it. Enoh (2005) observed that the more the churches, scholars and other specialized agencies try to reduce the cankerworm in the society, the higher the magnitude of misunderstanding among spouse, because indiscipline has a root from marital instability. Agim (1997) emphasizes that if parents could insist on having their children go through a thorough screening of the proposed bride’s/groom’s family and conduct investigations before contracting marriage, the institution could once...
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