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An Initial Syntactic Analysis of Asheron (A Nuba Mountain Language)   Suzan Alamin

An Initial Syntactic Analysis of Asheron (A Nuba Mountain Language)

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study focuses on one of the Sudanese languages which spoken in the Nuba Mountains, Moro Hills-Sudan; Asheron language. It belongs to Talodi group which it self belong to the big phylum Niger-Kordofanian. It is considered as one of the highly endangered languages because of the number of it's speakers beside other reasons. The study performs analysis on the structure and functions of Asheron phrases and clauses. It aims to set out rules and patters of the language from a syntactic point of view. It also tries to provide a foundation for further research in the language. The study falls into five chapters. Ch.1 is an introductory chapter which includes classification and historical background about the language. Ch.2 is a reviewof literature and linguistics background. Ch. 3 deals with the analysis of phrases. It also includes description of different word classes that found in Asheron language as well as the word order. Ch. 4 centers on the analysis of the structure of the...
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