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Stress to Resilience: A Passage Through Music   Mamta Sharma

Stress to Resilience: A Passage Through Music

108 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Can music develop the ability to bounce back in adversities or help people to cope with mental health problems? Recent years have seen a dramatic rise in research on stress and coping, as well as on risk and resilience in adolescents. Medical science has started realizing the potential of music as a form of treatment, called music therapy.The purpose of this book " Stress to Resilience - A Passage Through Music" is a humble attempt to acknowledge the importance of Indian Ragas to be used as interventions to cope with day to day stress and to enhance resilience because music has an inherent ability to generate an emotional response in the listener as a therapy. This book begins with an overview of issues faced by adolescents, followed by a survey of the current literature highlighting the theoretical models of music therapy; then different types of quantitative and qualitative research related to this field. Hopefully this work will assist music therapy clinicians, psychologists and...
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