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Domestic Violence and Crisis Counselling   Aaron Adjei

Domestic Violence and Crisis Counselling

156 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Some women get a black eye,a punch in the ribs,or a few teeth knocked out on their birthday's.It is so frightening because it does not just happen on their birthday.It may be every month,every week,or even every day.It is so frightening because the woman does not know what to do.She feels helpless.He is in control she prays he will come to his senses and stop.He never does.A crisis occurs within the person when his usual problem solving activities are blocked or ineffective, allowing the need tensions to rise unabated, Caplan (1964). The tensions stems from the deprivation of the satisfaction of some fundamental bodily or personality need. Caplan (1964) delineates four characteristic phases in the development of a personal crisis. In crisis counseling, a counselor works to provide mental health support and guidance to his or her client. Crisis counseling, then works to reduce emotional pain, provide a safety net and develop plan to increase mental health. It helps people to develop...
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