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TTRI: Therapeutic Table Role-Play Intevention   Almog Shanun

TTRI: Therapeutic Table Role-Play Intevention

228 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
This research explores the effects of a new role-play tool, Therapeutic Table Role-play Intervention (TTRI), in the living environment and examines the potential therapeutic usefulness for young adults and adolescents. The tool is explored from an archetypal orientation and its applicability for other theoretical orientations was also considered. An artistic-creative approach is employed and responses from five adult participants were analyzed for themes. TTRI combines group work, play therapy, and therapeutic role-play under one intervention, using the imaginal realm to explore the participants' experiences. Analysis of participant responses suggests that TTRI is functional and useful with therapeutic groups. The results also indicate that TTRI may allow for the exploration of conscious and unconscious factors of behaviors and thought process. The TTRI is the fruit of many years of work and exploration that will give new life and different possibilities for group work in therapy.
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