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Towards Standardizing Intenational Boundary Determination   Mohammed Alsayel

Towards Standardizing Intenational Boundary Determination

140 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
International boundary determination starts with the intention of two or more countries agreed to identified their boundary by a treaty or agreement. Surveying and mapping often play an important role in international boundary determination.The outputs of these boundary determinations are based on static documentation (mapping and reports) for securing knowledge to be attached to the treaties or agreements at the UN, and dynamic documentation (GIS) for their future use. Furthermore one of the important issues in international boundaries is harmonization of the data provided by different sources to ensure consistency, and edge-matching at the boundaries to agree on common representation of the boundary. Standardization of boundary determination can be served best by a set of international standards that integrate a detailed description of the concepts of the boundary geographic information and technology for future use such as those from ISO. The information provided within the...
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