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Premarital Counseling Programs: an Adaptation for People of Kenya   Alice Munene

Premarital Counseling Programs: an Adaptation for People of Kenya

92 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book was written after a thorough evaluation of majority of the existing premarital counseling programs. Alice wrote it to specifically assist young couples preparing to get married in a fast moving world. Most of the significant others, supposed to be mentors of those preparing for marriage,seem to be too busy to give counsel and guidance. The book is very well structured to screen those couples having problems even before getting married with the aim of assisting them identify the areas of conflict so as to seek counseling and find resolutions. Through this book, Alice explores pertinent areas needing attention before couples decide to get married. This book is a very valuable tool for use by mentors, counselors and the clergy. I highly recommend it for use by all those who work for the sustenance of marriage and care for survival of any human society. Recommendation by: Dr. Laban Ireri Munene (Spouse).
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