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Mother's Dysfunctional Attitude   Linah Askari

Mother's Dysfunctional Attitude

180 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Through centuries, mother tries to raise all her children, within her capacity, utilizing her complete efforts, equally for all of them. Is it due to ‘circumstances’, people within her environment, or 'lack of knowledge to efficiently raise her children’, that she develops negative / dysfunctional attitudes towards her children. This book proposes that mother’s dysfunctional attitude and emotional or depressive symptoms of adult children are positively related to each other. Do these dysfunctional attitudes provide hurt and sufferings in their personal, family and professional lives? And in turn does the mother also experience in continuation with the results of what she has inculcated through her attitudes within her children? Does a mother expect to possess her children all over their ages from infancy to adulthood and beyond? Is she communicating the negative expectations of failure and mistrust towards her children? Is she comparing her children negatively with their father’s...
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